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Modern in Design and Reliability
Its concise lines not only increase the aesthetic feeling but also enlarges the interior. Modern body design ensures easy access for repairing, therefore making maintenance faster and more convenient.

Front Windscreen
Front windshield with large curved glass gives the driver a clear and transparent vision.

Side Mirrors

Roof Hatch
Centrally located roof hatch provides an additional source of fresh air and acts as an emergency exit

Hooper Windows (Australian made)

Drivers Porthole Window

Intergrated Air Conditioning Unit

Excellence in Form and Function
Reflecting the modern design technology, the Coach/School Bus combines outstanding ergonomics and appearance to provide a high level of comfort for the driver and passengers.
Instrument Panel
Logically organized gauges and controls provide the ultimate in driving convenience.

Air Conditioning Louvers and Reading Lamps
Louvers are installed over each passenger seat and can be aimed precisely. Ducts are larger for improved air flow.

Passenger Seat Safety Belts
Seat belts are essential safety features and are provided as standard equipment.

Nice to look at and even nicer to drive. Drivers will love the wraparound style dashboard.

Drivers Blind
These blinds block out the sun for safer, more confident driving.
A Practical and Elegant Way to Travel. There are more seating choices and options than ever before. Passengers will travel in comfort and style due to ergonomically designed seats and elegant interior atmosphere.

In Swing Door
In swing door complements the body lines.

Radio / DVD Player with Microphone Arm

LCD Screen

Floor Mat

Reverse Camera

Straight ThroughLuggage Bins
Both Sides

Interior Luggage Racks
Integrated perfectly with the air conditioning lourvers and reading lights.
Excellence in Form and Function
Reflecting the modern design technology,the Coach/School Bus combines outstandingergonomics and appearance to provide a high levelof comfort for the driver and passengers.

Power Steering
Reducing the steering effort and enhances drivercomfort and convenience.

ABS Brakes Anti-lock Brake System.
Preventing wheel lock-up during panic braking. ABS enables the driver to steer around trouble thus avoiding trouble
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